"I love this product! I change diapers all day and usually have to do laundry because, as you moms know, accidents happen. All I have to do is use a wipe to clean, and if I get some on the soft cover, I can simply unzip and wash. Friends come into the nursery and always ask where I got this product and comment about how cute the design is, and how easy it must be to clean. Thank you for inventing this awesome product! It will definitely be my 'go to' for baby shower gifts!"

-Caroline T., Fairfax, VA

"This is such a smart product! My daughter actually had an accident shortly after I put the cover on and voila- no having to throw it in the wash! Just use a disinfectant wipe and all is clean again.The fabric feels very high quality and I wasn't expecting the bottom part to be the soft leathery material that it is! Definitely using this as my favorite baby shower gift in the future, you can tell it's worth every penny."

- Jessica L., Boca Raton, FL 

"This is awesome! Saves so much time and is so much easier to clean up. It literally wipes clean with a baby wipe. It hasn't stained at all, and the one time the plush fabric got messy, I unzipped it and washed it quick and put it right back on. Where was this for my first child???? In my opinion this is worth the price. Great, quality item. I was using a wipeable cover with plush down the sides. My baby didn't like laying on that material and I still had to wash the whole thing because it was easy to get the mess on the sides. This one has the plush in the right place, so that the baby's head and back are on the soft part. I was going to use my other wipeable cover and just put a blanket at the top... but my baby moves around waaaay too much! The blanket wouldn't stay and made changing clothes difficult. I just love this item!"

- "justmyopinion" on Amazon.com

"Gorgeous, time saver, and sanity saver."

 - Jessica F., Las Vegas, NV

"I received my Bub Baby as a shower gift in two colors: navy and gray. While I haven't used it yet because our son isn't due until June, I am already impressed at how well the colors fit into the nursery and how simple the design is. The fabric is softer than any conventional changing pad I've seen on the market."

- Sarah G., Seattle, WA

"My infant son, like many babies, has some pretty epic diaper blowouts every few days. when it happens, we usually are trying to minimize the number of items that end up messy. Keeping a changing pad clean during a blowout is pretty much impossible. We had a bunch of those oblong changing liners, but they tended to moved under our squirmy baby, didn't always cover enough area and some would get wrecked beyond salvaging (though they usually kept things off the changing pad's cloth liner). This on the other hand has a leather-like bottom half that stood up to a diaper blowout very well. As it was the changing pad cover, we didn't have to worry about it moving under our son as we wrangled him during the clean up. The leather-like bottom was easy to clean with a wipe, then with a disinfecting wipe."

- E. Hartsell

 I have a brand new baby at home so you know I spend a lot of time at the changing pad. With my first baby I had a traditional minky pad cover but it spent more time in the wash than on the changing pad because it was always getting dirty. With this one after my son soiled the cover the first change out of the drier for the third time in a row I decided to pitch the cover and just use the bare pad, which works, but itsn't very pretty and I worry about how well I can clean the stitching. This product solves both problems, it maintains an attractive nursery and the parts under babies butt can easily be wiped down if they get dirty. I have used it for a handful of changes now and have no complaints regarding its performance. The fabrics are good quality and it fits my standard sized changing table perfectly. 

- Brandi